“Bernadett is today a truly extraordinary cultural resource in the artistic world. Her versatility allows her to address almost every element of musical expression, making her appeal virtually universal. It is extremely rare, if not unique and seen only in a few „superstars” like André Rieu, Andrea Bocelli and Madonna, that a talent emerges who captivates every type of audience, from classical music aficionados to young children who need an inspiringly positive introduction to the world of music. One does not get to perform in over 90 countries around the world if what she offers is not so widely admired and internationally recognized.”
Michael E. Remenyi
President, Remenyi House of Music LTD.
“Bernadett Nyari’s presentation at Miami Dade College was a truly transformative experience. From the first second to the last, Ms. Nyari’s brilliant performance mes- merized her audience weaving a narrative of dedication and resilience by alternating the enchanting sounds of her violin and the inspirational anecdotes of her life sto- ry. Students in the audience walked away with the message that everything is possi- ble and with the determination to find and pursue what they are passionate about. I am immensely grateful to Bernadett for encouraging our students to discover their passions. They have embraced the chal- lenge, and I know they will keep the mes- sage in their hearts as they work toward “finding their own violins.”
Ildiko Barsony PhD
Associate Professor, English and Communications
“Attending the mesmerizing violin concert was an unforgettable experience. Berna- dett’s performance not only showcased a remarkable musical talent, but also con- veyed a poignant narrative. As she ful- filled her dream of performing at Carnegie Hall in New York, it was evident that this achievement carried the weight of a gen- erational dream. The heartfelt connection to her grandfather’s unrealized aspiration added a layer of emotion to an already ex- traordinary evening. It was a symphony of dreams coming true, echoing through the halls of Carnegie and leaving an indelible mark on everyone fortunate enough to be present.”
Aliz Kekedi
VP, Capital Management
“Violin virtuoso Bernadett Nyári captivated the audience with her charisma and stage presence from the very first moment, drawing each and every person into the magical world of briliant and virtuosic Hungarian melodies as well as well-known works that evoked a sense of familiarity in the audience.”
Noémi Sallai
Program Manager, Liszt Institue, New York
“The perfect harmony of beauty, talent, and a dash of humor is embodied in Bernadett, both on stage and in real life. I am proud to know her, and I am confident that a bright future awaits her in her career.”
Piros Pazaurek
Honorary Consul of Central Florida
“I was honored to be present at Bernadett’s performance at the Carnegie Hall. She not only fulfilled her dreams to perform at such a prestigious location but also showcased an exceptional selection of Hungarian folk and classical music. I specifically loved listening and watching her passion and love for music.”
Dr. Judit Trunkos
Assistant Professor of Political Science at Robert Morris University
“Bernadett Nyari makes the impossible, possible in her career through her unwa- vering dedication and passion for her mu- sical work. Any goal she sets for herself, she exceeds. She is a true leader in her field of work, one that proceeds a generational dream once started by her grandfather.”
Chatilla Van Grinsven
Dutch Basketball Player & TV Personality
“She is stunning, gorgeous and sexy. She has entertained audiences from England, America and Europe. Bernadett is pehaps the greatest violinist of today, with her ability to entertain audiences of all age groups. Not only is she a maestra, Bernadett puts on a real show, with her sleek dancing and engaging style. Bernadett is a real show performer.”
Gregory J. Gardner
Founder, G. J. Gardner Homes
"Arts, like music, are made to inspire and motivate people that other media simply cannot do even if they try, which I can confidently say I felt that during Ms. Nyari’s performance. The main points I got from the event was to keep practicing what you loved."
Miami Dade College Students
"In the performance, I was given a brief summary of how the violinist’s life was when she began playing the violin, and how she evolved to be something more extraordinary because of her passion. The main ideas that were given to the audience is the value of seeking what we love to do and seeing how we can use our passion to better the outcome of our future. She also taught me a deep lesson on how art culture influences the world around us, and be passionate in expressing my artistic values and visions."
Miami Dade College Students
"I learned that when you really love something you’ll fight to achieve it even when people doubt you and in, that passion will become your life. Events like these are important because they can inspire us and lead us towards the right path."
Miami Dade College Students
"Music has always had a special place in my heart and I believe it’s a way we can all connect and come together."
Miami Dade College Students
"Bernadett Nyari definitely gave me new hope to have and taught the audience that sometimes in life you can be unsure of what you want to do, but once you find out what you want to do, go towards that goal with all your heart in it. People like Bernadett is what we need in society to show us it is never too late to chase that dream."
Miami Dade College Students
"What I learned about this lovely experience is that all of us need to find our passion."
Miami Dade College Students
"From her story, I learned the importance of staying committed to one's passions and working to enhance the skills. The event emphasized the beauty of the violin and its ability to bring people together through music."
Miami Dade College Students
"This event taught me to be more open-minded towards performances as, believe it or not, this was the first one I have ever attended. At one moment, I had caught myself completely engrossed in towards the end of the performance where I had started to actually sing Bella Ciao out loud after recognizing the song being played."
Miami Dade College Students
"She inspired us to never give up and chance our dreams. She really made me think about my future and to do something that I love."
Miami Dade College Students

Internationally renowned violinist, Bernadett, has spent her career as a voyager of the music scene since she was 13 years old, bringing her powerful stage presence to 90 countries, making an international name for herself as a virtuoso violinist….

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