Carnegie Hall Success

On Friday, October 13th, 2023, Bernadett made her debut honoring her grandfather, József B. Suha, with a performance of a lifetime. This unique evening held special significance, as it brought together history and family legacy, merging Hungarian traditions with American culture.
József B. Suha was born in Hungary in 1913 during a period of political unrest. Despite the challenges his country faced, he pursued a career in music, eventually becoming one of Hungary’s foremost violinists and composers. However, when he made plans to share his music in the USA, the Hungarian passport office inexplicably revoked his passport, preventing him from setting foot on American soil. Since then, the USA has been deprived of his musical contributions.

In an attempt to fulfill the journey her grandfather was unable to embark upon, Bernadett made her debut at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall. This remarkable event served as a celebration of her grandfather’s 110th birthday, featuring the world premiere of his compositions, spanning genres such as tango, Spanish Dances, and Hungarian songs.

Bernadett is an internationally renowned Hungarian violinist, who began performing across the world from just 18 years old. Her emotive music has reached the hearts of 90 countries and 150 cities, sharing her compositions of classical, pop, folk, jazz, country and film music. She has delighted audiences around the globe with her powerful presence and elegant execution, offering an insight into the breath-taking versatility of the violin.

Internationally renowned violinist, Bernadett, has spent her career as a voyager of the music scene since she was 13 years old, bringing her powerful stage presence to 90 countries, making an international name for herself as a virtuoso violinist….

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